Rooted in the space where Esoteric Yoga meets Embodied Living, Blossoming Shakti is a bridge uniting Spirit & Body through the Heart.

From fingertips to formless mystery, we embrace your wholeness and support each step of your sacred blossoming. May you find true peace, and may your awakened heart be a blessing to all.


Mother of Life

Source of Love

Mystic Void

We place this offering at your lotus feet

and at the feet of your many incarnations

our heart’s


Tantric Massage Embodiment Ritual

A profound journey of breathwork, mantra, guided meditation, and full body massage, awakening Spirit through the Body. Invoke and commune with one of the six Tantric Goddesses, or opt for a free-form tantric massage.

Blossoming Shakti Mentorship Programs

A free-flowing container of intimate support and companionship along your journey of Self. In a deeply nurturing space of reflection and presence, these sessions give access to the full range of our offerings.

Sadhana Initiations

Sadhana is an established spiritual practice; the communion with our soul that stabilizes us along the path of self-realization. We offer initiation into Kriya Yoga, Sri Shakti Tantra, and Goddess Empowerments for Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Radha, Saraswati, & Lalita.

Nala + Marco

Vision & Intention

Blossoming Shakti is the culmination of every breath we’ve taken in this life. Through surrendering to our love and listening deeply, the vision of our dharma became clear:

◈ Transfer the power of esoteric yoga from long standing patriarchal lineages into the hands and hearts of women.

◈ Honor the female form with pure heart as a temple of the Divine, as it will expand the presence of the Divine Feminine on earth and remind humanity of the sacredness of life.

Serve the incarnations of the Goddess with loving devotion as a way of restoring balance to the world.

We share our practices, rituals, and hearts, as an invitation for the Great Goddess to lead us into a new age of peace and harmony.

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