Blossoming Shakti is a sacred space for the Divine Feminine to blossom, a bridge between Spirit and Body, and a pathway into the mystic Heart.

Nala & Marco

Blossoming Shakti

Welcome to Blossoming Shakti, where we offer our Tantric Empowerments and Mentorships based on our Sri Shakti School of Tantra.

Sri Shakti Tantra distills the essence of many aspects of the Tantric Path, while extending a special devotion towards the 6 Mahadevi, the Great Goddesses of Tantric Yoga.

Through communion with the Great Goddesses, we have been trained extensively to offer these transmissions as a way of empowering women with reflections of their own True Nature.

Sri Shakti Tantra is a system of Pink Tantra, meaning that it unites the pure energetic practices of White Tantra with the earthy, body-based, and sexual practices of Red Tantra. It is through the bridge between White and Red Tantra that we create the bridge between the Heavens and the Earth within our own hearts.

We also offer spiritual mentorships, which can be focused on the path of Sri Shakti Tantra, or take a more general approach. Here we combine Nala’s expertise as a Somatic therapist and female embodiment guide, and Marco’s as a teacher of Esoteric Yoga.

Below you will find more information about our sessions, what inspires our practice, and our story on how we got here. Jai Ma!

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Sri Shakti Puja

A Tantric ritual and ceremonial blessing through which your inner Shakti, or spiritual power, is awakened, healed, protected, celebrated, and amplified — restoring the original blueprint and vibratory essence of your true nature.

Sri Shakti Tantra: Spiritual Mentorship

Mentorships give you the opportunity to learn the path of Tantra and the awakening of the mystic heart in an intimate, personal container.

Meet The Six Mahadevi

The Six Mahadevi, or Great Goddesses of Tantra, are eternal forms of Divinity, each embodying a specific Shakti, or energetic presence, that guides us along our spiritual path and nourishes us with their unique flavor of love.

Worship of the Goddess can be traced back to the very origins of life, and in India these specific forms of the Goddess have been revered and looked to for guidance for thousands of years. The Goddesses appeared to ancient yogis in deep meditative trance to offer them a pathway into self-realization, and have been actively guiding humanity ever since.

The Goddesses can be our most intimate companions on the spiritual path. As mirrors for our evolution, they show us the way to full awakening, and open our eyes and hearts to the many ways in which we can know and experience the Divine.

Through our pujas, we invoke the presence of these Goddesses into your being, supporting you in coming into full embodiment of their essence. These pujas are Goddess Empowerments, as well as Tantric Transmissions to awaken and align you with your highest self.

Women’s Sexual Liberation

Female sexuality is one of the most powerful and sought-after forces on Earth. And yet instead of celebrating this energy, it has historically been suppressed and controlled under patriarchal structures, robbing women of their connection to their primal essence, and ultimately, their source of power. There is good reason the patriarchy has focused on dominating and commodifying this force—because once it is unleashed, there will be no way to suppress the awakening of consciousness.

Women especially, have a unique ability to connect to Spirit through the body and senses — an innate wisdom of embodiment. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of safe spaces for women to be supported in this process of embodiment. Not only have we witnessed friends being disempowered in their relationships, but also being abused by their Neo-Tantra “healers,” who were extracting feminine power for their own benefit rather than for genuine service.

We believe wholeheartedly that liberating women’s sexuality is a major key in reclaiming collective sovereignty and unlocking a new way of being on Earth. Our contribution to this movement of women’s sexual liberation is through our Yoni Puja, a ritual in which we restore the connection between the yoni and the pure consciousness that lies within the mystic heart.

Feminine Empowerment: The Bigger Picture 

With all of the social justice movements in the world, it can be easy to lose sight of the basic inequalities that have existed between men and women for our entire human history. Even though we’re seeing some advancements in women’s social positioning, the threads of women’s suffering run deeply through all facets of human existence and the truth is, we have a long way to go in dismantling the patriarchy. This is why we focus on empowering women. Although the soul is beyond gender, it is women that represent the Yin element that humanity needs for its healing.

We live in a highly-masculinized society that is sorely lacking in the feminine qualities of compassion, nurturing, and fluidity; the very medicine we need is that which is most exploited. Until we rebalance Yin in the collective consciousness, we will not know any semblance of peace.

All women are representations of the Mother of life. Until we honor women, the Earth will continue to be degraded and we will continue to value productivity over presence, force over flow, and mind over heart.

We envision a world where women are respected, honored, and revered, and where an innate sense of equality activates the next stage in our collective evolution.

It’s time for women to be supported and uplifted, to feel pleasure instead of pain, and to be able to feel safe in their bodies and in their surroundings. Can you imagine a world where women are truly cared for? Can you imagine if suddenly the whole world stopped abusing its nurturer?

Think of the ripple effect this would have — the sense of calm that would overtake our collective nervous system; how beautiful it would be to feel safe and intimate with life and with one another. If society came to value the mother of life, there is no doubt that every Soul upon this earth would be clothed, fed, sheltered, cared for, and loved.

Because of the power structures that exist on earth, it’s apparent that we need to affect change on the level of consciousness, as well as on the physical plane, which is why our work supports women in creating a link between their spirit and body.

Nala & Marco

Our Story

When we came together in 2017, we quickly discovered that our romantic connection also came with a clear dharmic purpose. We shared a mutual passion for supporting and empowering women, and over the next several years we allowed this inspiration to unfold as we dedicated ourselves to our internal evolution. This was a time of deepening our connection to Spirit, unraveling the most tender parts of ourselves, and going through the fire of relationship alchemy. Through this purification process, we learned to live in constant surrender to Divine will and discovered what a profound and beautiful harmony unites us at the Soul level.

Nala had been calling in a solid spiritual path beyond surface level practices, and was introduced to the subtle dimensions of pranayama, meditation, mantra, and the Goddesses of Tantric Yoga. Marco, ready to find more integration on his path of service, received an immersion into feminine embodiment, the nervous system, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a woman on earth. As Nala reached up into the transcendent, Marco rooted down into the embodied.

Nala went on to train in Tantric Yoni Massage and Somatic Experiencing while Marco started distilling the wisdom from his long immersion with Esoteric Yoga into a set of techniques and insights that contain the essence of his spiritual journey. Naturally the two bodies of work developed and synthesized, forming a bridge between the embodied and transcendental arts.

The fruit of this journey is Blossoming Shakti, and we hope it serves your heart’s beautiful blossoming!


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