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If this year has made anything abundantly clear,
it’s where we stand within our nervous systems.

so yeah, about 2020…

This year’s been a doozy. We’ve all gone through a lot, regardless of political views or where in the world we live.

Global unrest aside, let’s talk about how we’re all coping.

It seems like everyone and their grandmothers are brawling it out online, and it’s safe to say our collective nervous system is majorly activated.

The truth is, the unpredictability of life is always present, far beyond the chaos of 2020.
Life is, by nature, ever-changing.
We gotta learn to ride the waves, or we’re gonna get pulled under.

There’s no doubt why so many of us struggle with mental & emotional health;
We were not given the tools to support ourselves and navigate the rollercoaster of life.

The most important thing we can do right now is cultivate our inner world.

There is nothing more stabilizing than being connected to our sense of Self!

We can end this year on an upward trajectory, by coming together and learning critical tools for moving out of the haze and into empowered & embodied living.

Resilience is all about the capacity to recover from difficult situations, the ability to spring back into shape, use life’s lessons to fuel our growth, and maintain a sense of buoyancy despite outside circumstancesIt’s a way of thinking and being.

And it’s a skill you can cultivate.
You don’t have to stay where you are.

Inside each of us is a blueprint of strength, vitality, and resilience.
We just need to know how to access it.

And while having resilience is key for the ol’ pandemic-election-holidays combo just around the corner, it is so vital to develop this connection with ourselves for the inevitable cycles of life.


In this course, you will receive the resources & wisdom I’ve gathered along my path to help you move
from freeze to flow.

Goodbye feeling meh,
hello Resilience!

if you’re looking to expand beyond your current self…

∙∙∙ Have more agency over your mental & emotional health
∙∙∙ Deepen your connection with your body, creativity, and deeper purpose
∙∙∙ Learn sustainable techniques for grounding, embodiment, and self-cultivation
∙∙∙ Become the creator of your life & move beyond blockages
∙∙∙ Better navigate stress, anxiety, or overwhelm
∙∙∙ Reduce distractions and get clear on your vision
∙∙∙ Commit to yourself & your growth

You’re invited to join
∙∙∙ Resilience ∙∙∙
A 10-Week Transformational Journey into Empowered Living
Nov 1st, 2020 – Jan 3rd, 2021

A bit about me

I’m a Spiritual Mentor and Transformational Guide bridging Esoteric Yoga with Movement and Body-Based Practices. My heart’s passion is to inspire, support, and uplift women to embody their fullest expression.

If you know me, you know I’ve been around the self-growth and healing block. From quitting my corporate job, traveling the world, descending in and out of depression, recovering from disordered eating, navigating the passing of an intimate loved one, to coming out the other side with resilience and gusto, I’ve been navigating the waters of transformation for many years.

Life has had this beautifully tragic way of bringing me to my knees oftenso I could learn how to navigate big emotions during times of chaos, fear, and uncertainty. I have dedicated myself to the art of death and rebirth, and I’m here to bring you the keys I’ve gathered along the way.

This year is about breaking down what’s no longer working & rebuilding in a more sustainable, mindful way.

In order to step forward, we need to gently move out of our blocks, triggers, and comfort zones.

It’s time to take stock of where we’re at, tend to ourselves, and set a trajectory of where we want to be, come 2021.


What’s Inside

Resilience Course Layout

∙ 8 Live 60- to 90-minute lessons + optional Q&A via Zoom
∙ Weekly Homework: simple & sustainable practices designed for daily life
∙ Private Facebook Group for support & pop-up livestreams

The 8 modules below, plus a week off to rest & digest and a closing session just after the New Year, encompass our 10-week journey together.


Module 1: Slow & Meditative Living
  • Foundations for Embodied Living
  • Slowing Down and Tuning In
  • The Pleasure of Being
Module 2: Mapping Our Inner Landscape
  • Exploring What’s Running the Show
  • Untangling Unconscious Patterns
  • Renegotiating What’s Possible For Us
Module 3: All About That Breath
  • Transforming our Lives, One Breath at a Time
  • Breath As Our Most Accessible and Powerful Tool
  • Guided Breathwork Journey
Module 4: Unwinding the Nervous System
  • Why We Attract the Same Painful Experiences
  • Gentle Practices for Regulating our Systems
  • The Role of Presence in an Activating Scenario
Week Off: Rest & Digest
Module 5: Movement & Embodiment
  • Intuitive Movement as the Antidote to Emotional Stagnancy
  • Expanding Upon Feminine Embodiment Practices
  • Guided Movement Practices
Module 6: Tending to Our Hearts
  • Self-Care for the Body & Soul
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Heart-Breath Guided Meditation
Module 7: From Contraction to Expansion
  • The Roadmap Beyond Resistance
  • Liberating Stuck Energy, Creativity, & Potential
  • Guided Practice for Confronting Emotions
Module 8: Rebirth
  • Envisioning A New Timeline
  • Aligning With Our Most Epic Possibilities
  • Becoming the Active Creators of Our Lives
Closing Circle: Post-New Year Blessing Way Ceremony

By the end of this course you will::

∙∙∙ Feel a deeper connection to your body, your intuition, and your potential
∙∙∙ Be resourced to move through difficult situations
∙∙∙ Have a deeper sense of Self and where you stand in your life
∙∙∙ Step into 2021 with intention & sustainable forward motion


Q: How do I know if this course is right for me?

A: You can do a quick exercise.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath into your heart. Imagine taking the course, and how you will feel upon completion just after New Years 2021. How does that feel for your body and heart? What emotions or sensations come up?

Now imagine not taking the course, and how you will feel moving at your current trajectory come New Years 2021. How does that feel for your body and heart? What emotions or sensations come up?

It’s usually quite clear if it’s an ecstatic yes or a meh, no. Trust your heart to show you the way!

Q: Do I need to be "spiritual" to take this course?

A: Lol no! The concepts shared are universal and practical tools that anyone can implement and benefit from.

Q: Can I take this course if I'm experiencing active trauma? Does it replace therapy?

A: This course is not intended to replace your pre-existing protocol for mental health, but to supplement it.
If you are experiencing active trauma that consistenly affects your day-to-day life or is life-threatening, please seek professional 1×1 support.
If you’re not sure, you can always consult with your therapist or mental health provider about whether this course is a good fit.

Q: What if I'm nervous or introverted? Do I have to participate?

A: It’s totally normal to feel hesitant when starting a new endeavor. I encourage everyone to show up anyway!

There will be time at the end of each session to unmute and ask questions or share your experience, but you’re not required to share your personal story. Most of the time I’ll be teaching, and you’ll be engaging through the chat.

The magic unfolds in being there real-time and this course inspires us to move past our comfort zones, but listen to your heart and know that you are absolutely free to be a silent participant or watch the replays if that feels best for you.

If you know you’re meant to join the course, you can be nervous and still join! All of you is welcome.

Q: What are the course dates?

A: November 1st, 2020 – January 3rd, 2021.
We will journey together for 10-weeks, including a week off halfway through to rest and digest, and a closing session just after the New Year.

Module 1: Nov 1st
Module 2: Nov 8th
Module 3: Nov 15th
Module 4: Nov 22nd
Rest Week, No session: Nov 29th
Module 5: Dec 6th
Module 6: Dec 13th
Module 7: Dec 20th
Module 8: Dec 27th
Closing Circle: January 3rd, 2021

Q: What time do we meet?

A: We meet every Sunday at 5PM EST. (11am HST, 2pm PST, 10pm Portugal)
Subject to change by one hour earlier if many people from Europe join the course.

There will also be a few optional Q&A calls for check-ins and questions, coordinated for various timezones. Dates TBA.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded / Do I have to be there live?

A: Each session will be recorded, so it’s okay if you have to miss a session — but I encourage everyone to attend live if possible, so we can hold a sense of community.

If you cannot attend live due to timezone conflict, you are still welcome to join the course, watch the video recordings, and participate in the FB group. Plus there will be a handful of Q&A calls throughout the course, that I’ll coordinate around depending upon the group’s timezones.

Q: What is the course time commitment?

A: The only time commitment for this course is showing up for the calls, and in turn, for yourself. There will be optional journaling prompts and take-home practices that you can implement at your own pace. 

Q: Will you offer this course again?

A: Most likely, but the theme will naturally be a bit different because this journey is curated around the current state of things. This course is being offered at a little over half of its full price because it is the first run, and will increase next round.


This course is valued at double the listed price, as it is the first run, and will increase next year.
∙∙∙ Enroll today to be grandfathered into the system and get access to all the bonus content of future Resilience Courses – including ongoing updates, an interactive workbook, and guest speakers. ∙∙∙
As long as the course is running, you are welcome to rejoin. ♥

Beta Course Price

$800 Value

Payment Plan

$222 Today
$222 due December 1st

Email me to inquire about the following:
If you’re interested in mentorship.

∙ If you need a customized payment plan, such as 4 installments of $111.
 If you’re eligible to receive the BIPOC enrollment rate, offered in an effort to help bridge the racial inequality gap.

1×1 Mentorship Add-On
Three 60-Minute Sessions (Limited Spaces Available)

"Nala is that soothing hand, holding the magic sword of fire, that will help you open your heart and eyes to what you need to cut and change in your life. She didn’t come here to make small impacts. Her grace, honesty, and fierceness can move mountains. You will feel light, enriched and stronger after working with her. "

Filipa, Mentorship Client 

"My experience with Nala was nothing short of profoundly healing. Any fears or self-consciousness disappeared as I was given full permission to feel all of myself, traversing a rollercoaster of emotion and sensation that helped to move energy and connect me back to myself and to Spirit."

Diana, Mentorship Client

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