The Six Mahadevi

The Six Mahadevi, or Great Goddesses of Tantra, are eternal forms of Divinity, each embodying a specific Shakti, or energetic presence, that guides us along our spiritual path and nourishes us with their unique flavor of love.

Worship of the Goddess can be traced back to the very origins of life, and in India these specific forms of the Goddess have been revered and looked to for guidance for thousands of years. The Goddesses appeared to ancient yogis in deep meditative trance to offer them a pathway into self-realization, and have been actively guiding humanity ever since.

The Goddesses can be our most intimate companions on the spiritual path. As mirrors for our evolution, they show us the way to full awakening, and open our eyes and hearts to the many ways in which we can know and experience the Divine.

Goddess Empowerments initiate you into a relationship with the Mahadevi so that you can commune with them in your life, come to embody their energy, and eventually realize your True Nature through their reflection. You will learn about the qualities of the Goddess, and then receive a ceremonial invocation of her presence into your body, mind, and soul. You will receive a mantra and a breath practice, as well as insights in establishing yourself on the path of the Goddess.

Goddess Empowerment Ceremony

During the ceremony, we’ll invoke Mahadevi’s energy into your being, awakening her spirit within you, and then share potent mantras, breath techniques, visualizations, and meditations for you to be able to commune with her regularly.

Opening the Portal: Invocation of the Goddess

Satsang: Conversations on the Goddess: Sharing her qualities and distortions of her energy

Initiation Ceremony: Meditating with the Goddess, Bhajans, Anointing, Offering Elements, Initiation into her Presence and Mantra

Closing the Portal: Integration and Q&A

The Six Mahadevi


Radical Ecstasy ∙ Fierce Love ∙ Transformation

Kali is the Goddess of radical transformation, the shamanic force of healthy destruction, and the blossoming of non-dual wisdom. She encourages us to live freely, wildly blissful, and without inhibition. Kali’s secret is that underlying her fierce appearance is pure sweetness. If we can humble ourselves and surrender our minds, her grace will be our greatest ally.


Beauty ∙ Auspiciousness ∙ Grace ∙ Abundance

Lakshmi embodies all that is sweet, wholesome, and beautiful. She is the limitless abundance of Spirit and the inescapable force of attraction that guides all souls back into the wholeness of their true nature. She urges us to humbly embody our beauty as a sacred reflection of the inner heart.


Divine Mother’s Nurturing ∙ Spiritual Fortitude ∙ Protection

Durga is the shining sun of love that nurtures our innermost depths, empowers us in our spiritual journey, and helps us to break down all that no longer serves us. She is a fierce yet gentle protectress who helps us define ourselves and set an unwavering precedence for the way we interact with the outside world.


Spiritual Surrender ∙ Ecstatic Love ∙  Devotion

Radhika is the sweet everlasting flow of nectar that melts all hearts down to their purest essence. She is the intoxicating madness of Divine love, and the overwhelming fulfillment of union. She teaches us to be tenderhearted, and to recognize the strength in our vulnerability.



Creativity ∙ Wisdom ∙ Expression of Knowledge

Saraswati is the creative spark of life. She is the embodiment of all wisdom and cosmic intelligence. She is the source of all artistic expression. She is the Goddess that opens our channel to receive higher wisdom and helps us move in the world with discernment, sophistication, and class.


The Union of Love and Wisdom  Playfulness  Divine Attraction  Embodied Spirituality

Lalita Devi is the all-attractive force of Divine Love. She is the irresistible sweetness present at the core of existence, and the innocent joy underlying the entire play of life. She is the union of all worldly pleasures into the final liberation and represents fully embodied spirituality.

The Goddesses teach us to live from the heart and cultivate a deep intimacy with life. They connect us to the source of creation and help us to realize an ever-fresh love through which we can be of service to the world.

We can speak to them intimately, the way we would a friend, a mother, a deity, or beloved. We can also feel them as our own inner essence, our Kundalini; or as a transcendental mystery.

How to Choose?

To find the form of the Goddess we are meant to work with, it is best to allow Her to choose us. If a specific Goddess jumps out at you, it is likely she is wanting to commune with you. Otherwise, you can take a look at the suggestions below for some assistance. In the Sri Shakti Tantra system we find wholeness through communing with each of the Goddesses, so if you can’t decide, know that you will have time to connect to others in the future.

Read the suggestions below and choose a Goddess based on:

◈ Researching each Goddess & her attributes
◈ Who you feel most attracted to intuitively
◈ Whose presence you already resonate with and would like to embody further
◈ Who holds qualities you’d like to cultivate
◈ Who you’re most averse to. Sometimes that which we resist holds the exact medicine we need
◈ A personal ritual such as placing their names on a table and tossing a flower to see where it lands
◈ Meditation and direct inquiry into the wisdom of the heart

We can help clarify if you’re uncertain around who to choose 🙂


+ Do you offer group initiations? Yes, we offer initiations in private, groups, & workshops.
+ What should I bring?
 Please bring fruits, flowers, and any other offerings you may want to place on the altar. Bring a notebook to take notes on the Goddess & her practices.
+ What is the dress-code? This is a semi-formal ceremony. Dress comfortably in a way that honors the initiation and your inner Goddess.
+ How long is the ceremony? You can plan for 2-3 hours.