Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorships are for those who wish to deepen their spiritual path through a focused immersion. Mentorships give you access to the full range of our offerings, developed over many years of practicing various mystic arts, esoteric yoga, feminine embodiment, nervous system regulation, and healing touch — as well as guidance and insight gleaned from our spiritual journeys, and years of deep relationship alchemy.

Our focus is to set you on a path of self-realization through potent and sustainable spiritual practices as well as embodiment sessions, energy work, and guidance in accordance with your unique energy signature and place of evolution.

Mentorships are available as 1, 3, and 6 month immersions. See below the different styles of mentorships we offer, and know that these immersions are customizable to fit your personal interests, needs, and potential.

Mentorship Immersions

We start with a consultation to get an idea of where you’re at, where you’d like to be, and anything that’s inspiring your spiritual path right now.

Together we’ll choose an immersion that best supports your evolution. We’ll outline our time together, with space to incorporate any themes and customize the flow of the journey.

While initiations, practices, and sessions are important aspects of each mentorship, we also place high value on sharing guidance, insight, and reflection through conversation.

Each mentorship consists of 4 meetings per month, in person or online, along with support between sessions.

Blossoming Shakti Immersion

Blossoming Shakti gives you the foundation from which your spiritual path can blossom.

Step into your Power; Find your Center
Establish a Spiritual Practice
The Age of the Divine Feminine

The Six Tantric Goddesses
Foundations of Tantra & Esoteric Yoga
Nervous System Support
Conscious Relating
Feminine Embodiment
Sacred Sexuality

Esoteric Yoga Immersion

Esoteric Yoga is a deeper, mystical layer of yoga, dedicated towards self-realization. Consisting of mantra, pranayama, meditation, and ritual, it is what the most common form of Western asana yoga prepares us for. Choose from one of these potent esoteric yoga systems:

The Sacred HeartBreaths

A lovely system of breaths developed to help us settle the mind, balance our energies, and empower the heart to be the center of our consciousness. The HeartBreaths are soothing companions suitable for daily life or for deep meditation practice.

Sri Shakti Tantra

Developed over the last decade of immersion in Classical Yoga and communion with the Goddess, Sri Shakti Tantra is a path of self-realization; a system of potent pranayama techniques, mantras, meditations, Goddess worship, rituals, and a signature practice that distills the essence of Tantra Yoga into an accessible format.

Kriya Yoga

An ancient system of yoga, known by many as the lightning path of Self-Realization, popularized in the West by Paramhamsa Yogananda and his Autobiography of a Yogi. This system has been the guiding light in Marco’s spiritual path for 15 years. See www.kriyayogamandala.com for more information.

Sacred Sexual Alchemy

This immersion is designed to help you awaken through the body and integrate your sexual energy with your spiritual path.

Foundations of Sexual Alchemy
Sacred Sexual Breath Practices & Meditations
Nuances of Integrating Sexuality & Spirituality
Sexual Archetypes of the Goddess
Tantric Massage
Sensual Blossoming Sessions