Sadhana Initiations

Goddess Empowerments

Establish a direct relationship with the 6 Mahadevi, or Great Tantric Goddesses: Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Radha, Saraswati, and Lalita.
See descriptions of the Goddesses here.

These initiations begin with an introduction to your chosen Goddess and her qualities, ritual invocation, and transmission of her energy.
We will then teach their meditations and visualizations, special mantras, and pranayama practices that serve to establish you into daily communion, eventually leading to integration and embodiment of her energies within you.

Initiations offered online through zoom, and include 1 follow up call.
Also offered in-person in the SF area, which allows for a full ceremonial experience — flowers, touch, transmission, and puja.

Sri Shakti Kriya

Adapted from classical Kriya Yoga for this age, this is a system of Goddess mantra-pranayama focused on feminine principles. An 8-step Sadhana, Shakti Kriya helps balance our consciousness into the heart, stabilize our energies, and integrate the depth of our practice into daily life.

This is an advanced system and is available 1:1 as an Immersion.

7 Heartbreaths

Illuminating the connection between breath, energy, and awareness, this system helps us to balance our energies into the heart, so our every thought and action is sourced from love. These breath practices can be used as a personal daily practice, and as an additional resource for your meditation toolbox.

Online Bundle Coming Soon.

Kriya Yoga

An Ancient Yogic practice of pranayama which quickly activates Kundalini and leads us into transcendent states of consciousness. It is considered, among many, the crown jewel of esoteric yoga, and is often referred to as “The Lightning Path,” for the pace at which awakening is ignited.
Kriya Yoga was first popularized in the West by Paramahamsa Yogananda in his “Autobiography of a Yogi.” He slightly modified Kriya to make it accessible to Western audiences. The version we share, however, is the original Kriya of Babaji in the Lahiri Mahasaya lineage.
Following a heart-based and intuitive approach to this set of techniques, the focus is on expanding Love and allowing the sweet bliss of Kundalini to purify the mind, energy channels, and nervous system, guiding the soul into its most natural state.

Kriya Yoga Initiations typically take 2-3 hours, in-person or online. 
Two follow-up calls are included and highly recommended to understand subtle nuances of the practice.



Kali ~ Durga ~ Lakshmi ~ Radha ~ Saraswati ~ Lalita

Main systems we work with:

Sri Shakti Tantra

Sri Shakti Tantra is a system of mantra, pranayama, meditation, and devotional practices that is the foundation of Blossoming Shakti.

A progressive stream of yoga that follows a feminine approach towards spiritual practice, it embraces qualities of the Divine Feminine in an otherwise masculinized yogic tradition. It is a bridge between Bhakti and Jnana, the paths of Devotional Love and Formless Wisdom, that serves to awaken balance and wholeness within us.

Sri Shakti Tantra provides methods of spiritual realization and embodiment through experiencing the essence of Shakti. It has been derived through communion with the Great Tantric Goddesses, or 6 Mahadevi: Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Radha, Saraswati, and Lalita. See tantric massage page for descriptions.

The heart of Sri Shakti Tantra is communion with the Goddess in all of her aspects:
As a personal form of Divinity — a deity, guide, or archetype:
The Divine appears in various forms according to the heart of its devotees. The angry old white man in the sky is played out. We are reconnecting to ancient forms of the Goddess whose presence and qualities are increasingly relevant in our evolution.

As Kundalini — our internal spiritual life-force:
The Goddess is also dancing in our spines as an individualized stream of Spirit. A relationship with Kundalini is a direct relationship with our soul and our totality, and is one of the most beautiful things we can ever experience. As Kundalini awakens, so does our consciousness.

As the formless mystery — non-dual wisdom:
At a certain point all names and forms dissolve into the Absolute.

By experiencing divinity in these aspects equally, we realize the link between the Absolute, the individual soul, and the whole of creation.

Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is an ancient system of pranayama and meditation that has been revived in this age through the grace of Maha Avatar Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya. Many are familiar with this practice through Paramhamsa Yogananda and his “Autobiography of a Yogi,” which beautifully describes its efficacy through a cosmic and enlightened perspective.

Since 2006 I have received many versions of Kriya Yoga. Through comparing many systems and by going directly to the source—Lahiri Mahasaya’s family lineage in Varanasi India—I have confirmed the original Kriya Yoga in all of its glory.

There is no way to exaggerate the depth of this practice. It holds the potential for full awakening through a proven scientific method while remaining free of dogma and religion. It is simple to learn and yet infinite in its reach, and there is no doubt that with regular practice and some guidance, it will have a major impact on one’s life path.

It supports the path of Bhakti, or loving devotion, as much as it supports the path of Jnana, or formless wisdom, and actually serves to harmonize the two within a greater context of spiritual wholeness. It can bring us to the extremes of ecstasy and the extremes of peace, and because the breath itself mimics the natural evolution of Kundalini, it serves to integrate our realizations in the present moment as opposed to one-time peak experiences.

Because of the potency of the practice it is highly recommended in this age of the householder yogi. It allows one to experience soul-liberating transcendent depths of spiritual absorption in a way that can be easily integrated into our waking reality and within our worldly responsibilities.

This practice helped me to cleanse and seal my energy body when I was going through extremely dark times, assisted me directly in keeping my body alive during a near-death experience and coma, and has been a continuous source of blessings and realization throughout my life.

After 13 years of practice I have been initiated to share this practice by my first Kriya Guru, and as it is truly one of the greatest blessings I have received, I am honored and excited to share it with others.

As this and many yoga lineages are predominantly male, I am passionate about the symbolic & practical effects of sharing this practice with women. We are ready to transfer the power over to the Divine Feminine and I feel that Kriya Yoga is a major key in this shift.

There is much information on the internet about this practice, which will help one in becoming familiar with it, but there is no substitute for learning the subtle nuances of the practice from an experienced teacher.