Somatic Experiencing

SE is a body-based psychotherapy with the ability to resolve deep-seated traumas, regulate the nervous system, and connect you to your body’s innate wisdom — ultimately redirecting stuck energy into new vital ways of being so you can live the life you truly want.


1:1 with Nala

We’ve all used creative methods to keep ourselves safe and alive throughout our lives — but eventually, these methods end up blocking us from fully engaging with life. What once made us safe, now keeps us small.

Somatic Experiencing is ideal for the challenges in our lives we can’t seem to affirm our way out of. That’s because trauma and long-standing patterns are held in the physiology, not in the mind. When situations are too overwhelming to integrate, or ‘too much too fast’, our bodies come up with creative ways that allow us to keep going.

Our nervous systems have a well-worn groove of response to activating situations that we can’t talk or will ourselves out of, otherwise we would have long ago! These patterns are not here to haunt us — rather, they have important stories, insights, and messages to deliver to us. They’re like codes that want to be cracked open, understood, integrated, and released.

SE is different from traditional talk therapy.
Rather than a “top-down” approach, meaning cognitive understanding, education, and behavior change, SE uses a bottom-up approach, meaning we work with the body’s innate wisdom to complete stress responses, rewire old neuropathways, and align with the life we truly want to live. We get to the root of what’s running the show, and once that energy is liberated, the change emerges naturally from within.

How it works

Somatic Experiencing gives us a framework to follow the nervous system’s cues, safely and gradually guiding thwarted energy to resolution. The healing process is gentle and incredibly fulfilling, as we are bringing “unfinished business” to completion.

Each session is unique and deeply alchemical.
We enter a portal of deep listening, curiosity, and follow the body’s story. We get lovingly curious about why we’re in the circumstances that we are, investigate the stories or sensations that arise & collect their wisdom, and allow the completion or release to give way to new life.

This process facilitates the transformation of overwhelming experience, which has held you frozen and stuck in the past, liberating all that energy into whatever you want to create in your life.

I work on 1-, 3-, and 6-month immersions, weekly or bi-weekly.
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