Blossoming Shakti


A journey of intimate support & sacred companionship

We offer 1-, 3-, and 6-month immersions, as well as single sessions.
Online or in-person.

In this space we get to connect on a personal level and work together to awaken the individual & collective heart. We hold an open and free flowing space where we draw upon the full range of our offerings and weave them together in alignment with your unique path. Our intention in these sessions is to support you in unraveling your truest essence.

Sessions can be any mix of lighthearted, playful, profound, and transformational. Whether it is a loving embrace, an earnest conversation, a life-changing spiritual practice, guided meditation, reiki healing, establishing a connection with a Goddess archetype, or a full embodiment ritual, we are here to serve your Highest.

We love working on this intimate level as it allows for deep heart connection, honest introspection, and potent transformation. Through a space of focused presence we offer reflections, guidance, and support based in the wisdom we carry.

While we offer single sessions, we recommend longer-term immersions for those seeking sustained growth and the space to establish a strong foundation from which they may blossom. We invite women in any stage of their journey to apply.

We sense that there is a mandala of souls —a shakti tribe— that we are meant to share with as part of our dharma, and we are thrilled to reunite in this meaningful space.

We support you in:

Establishing a spiritual practice

Cultivating the wisdom of the body

Erotic & Sensual Spirituality

Lifestyle and diet

Cultivating Discernment

Conscious relating & Intimacy

Beginner to Advanced level meditation

Coming into power with grace

Working through the shadow of the Divine Feminine movement

Energy healing

Exploring conscious sexuality & unraveling divine pleasure

Sacred Beauty

Balancing perspectives on Tantra Yoga

Intricacies of deep meditation and pranayama

Integration of spirit into the body & into day-to-day life

Establishing a relationship with the Goddess archetypes

Daily Awareness techniques

Dealing with stress & anxiety

The nature of enlightenment, samadhi, and esoteric yoga