Shakti Activations

Shakti is the power of life, our innermost spiritual essence, and the life-force energy through which we awaken to our True Nature. Shakti Activation sessions create a field of potential where we invite Shakti to dance and awaken us to a deeper wisdom of ourselves as She moves through our bodies.

In these sessions, we invite you to rest, relax, and simply receive, as we open a channel for Reiki energy and Primal Shakti to heal, realign, and reflect the energies of your soul.

We open the portal with essential oil anointment, calling in of spiritual support, and a musical invocation — followed by guided meditation and breath-work to help you settle into your internal world. You’re then invited to lay onto a cozy mat, surrounded with charged crystals, and relax. We’ll place our hands just above and onto your body, tune into the presence of the Mother Goddess, and allow the healing energy to flow. Light pressure may be applied to support the movement of energy.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to tune into a deeper layer of your soul and receive messages, healing, guidance, and activation, held and amplified by our loving presence and dual-polarities. So much can be moved, revealed, and integrated on this subtle energetic plane, which naturally ripples out to enrich your spiritual journey and everyday life.

The container is light, comfortable, and easeful. You relax while we invite in Grace and activation of your soul’s highest potential. By the time we close the container, you’ll leave feeling connected and re-aligned with your essence.

Aside from the energetic support, we also love to offer a space for soulful conversation and reflection. This is an opportunity to share about your journey of awakening, and to simply be heard, or receive any guidance you may be looking for on the next steps of your path.


How do I prepare for a session? We recommend not to eat for at least an hour beforehand. Do your best to be in a meditative space leading up to arrival. This session is about emptying your thoughts and opening to receive, so come with an open mind.

How long is the session? 75 to 90 minutes; Settling in, Session, and Integration.