Spiritual Mentorship

Our Mentorships

Spiritual Mentorships are our most intimate, comprehensive, focused container. We love these immersions as they are deeply personal and give us the space to truly get to know you, your soul’s signature energy, and your unique soul path. The spiritual journey is extremely nuanced and highly specific to each person, so we love having the opportunity to work intimately with you as you unfold and blossom.

The Intention

These mentorships are meant to revolutionize your life and support you in getting closer to yourself than ever before. We work from the foundation upwards to help align you with your soul path, your divine purpose, and the most natural expression of your heart. It is truly our greatest joy to see you happy, whole, fulfilled, and living in harmony with your Spirit.

The expansion and awakening of the collective human heart starts with you. Your journey towards wholeness ripples out into your relationships, your loved ones, and out into the greater collective. You are a representative of the illumination of the entire human consciousness.

Our Style

All of our mentorships focus on integrating spirit and body, and awakening from roots to crown, eventually establishing our center in the mystic Heart. We are here to help you get to know yourself intimately, establish a solid connection with your soul, slow down, find your center, discover your inner-strength, and live in grace. Ultimately, the intention is to support you in actively devoting yourself to your soul path and remembering your True Nature.

We approach mentorships through the natural balance of our masculine and feminine energies, reflecting your own polarities so that you can find your own balance and connect to the most beautiful expression of your inner yin and yang. We are always honest and clear, yet tender and nurturing, and find a great joy in opening our hearts to support you.

Mentorship Elements

Goddess, Embodiment, Sexual Alchemy, Esoteric Yoga

Mentorship is an opportunity for you to deepen into yourself, your spiritual path, your sensual liberation, and to create a bridge between Spirit and Body.

To live a whole and fulfilled life we must strike a balance between transcendence and embodiment, nurturing our roots with health, vitality, sensual freedom, an honest and humble human existence, living in the heart, getting in touch with our purpose, and with our humanity, & transcendence.

Roots: Grounding

Sacred Sexuality
Awakening and Attuning the Primal Force
Somatic Fluency

Heart: Embodiment

Living in the Heart
Bridging Spirit and Body
Embodying our Soul Essence

Crown: Transcendence

The Path of Sri Shakti Tantra
Initiation into Meditation & Sadhana
Remembering our True Nature

In-Person Mentorship Sessions

Soul-Body Activations
A portal of healing energy, sacred sound, and four-hand Reiki that invites you to tune into a deeper layer of your soul and receive messages, guidance, and spiritual activation.

Sensual Blossoming Sessions
An opportunity to discover the connection between sensuality and spirituality, receive Tantric touch, and unravel your pleasure in a safe & sacred space.

Mentorship Format

Mentorships are held in 3 or 6 month containers. We will customize your mentorship based on the above elements and how they fit onto your unique soul path.

Weekly Satsang Zoom calls
Communication on Signal
Guided Audio Meditations
In-Person Sessions if you live close by or travel to see us