Tantric Puja

Sri Shakti Puja

Shakti Puja is a blessing ritual through which your inner Shakti, or spiritual force, is awakened, healed, protected, celebrated, and empowered. It is a consecration of every dimension of your being in order to more fully realize your inherent divinity. In this ceremony, you will be worshiped as a Goddess through a special Tantric formula that links your body and consciousness with that of the Cosmic Body, and of the Supreme Goddess— Sri Devi.

By creating this link, we are inviting into our being, remembrance of the original vibratory essence of Life, known in Tantra as Spanda. When we access the Spanda within, it naturally restores our original purity of consciousness, and awakens us to the True Nature of our Soul.

Through this puja one comes closer to their essence and starts to embody the pure qualities of the 6 Goddesses invited into the ritual.

The 6 Tantric Goddesses are eternal forms of Divinity, each holding a key to spiritual liberation and full human embodiment. They are reflections of your highest self seeking to bless you, heal you, and awaken you to the Truth of your Soul.

Clearing the Shadows

In today’s modern Goddess culture, there is much premature identification with the Goddess without honest dedication to the work it takes to truly embody her essence. This results in living out the shadow side of each Goddess’s pure qualities and can be extremely detrimental to our path, as well as the collective Yin revolution, or Divine Feminine reclamation we are experiencing here on Earth. 

Part of Shakti Puja is cleansing the heart through specific mantras, meditations, and transmissions through which one can recognize their shadows while being imprinted with the pure qualities of the Goddess. From here one can continue to do the work necessary to come into honest embodiment of the Goddess essence.

We offer two forms of Puja:
Sri Shakti Puja and Sri Yoni Puja

Sri Shakti Puja

Invocation: Honoring the elements, sanctifying the space, and sharing devotional music, or bhajan.

Nyasa: Divinizing the body through the installation of specific mantras into many subtle and major energy centers in the body. In Nyasa, touch and mantra meet and work together to sanctify our bodies as a temple, opening us to receive and embody the energy and the Presence of the Goddess.

Devi Sharanam: Taking shelter of the Goddess: Invoking the 6 forms of the Supreme Goddess through guided visual meditations and a transmission of their qualities.

Devi Arati: Ceremonial honoring of you as a living Goddess— awakening and reflecting your divine essence.

Shaktipat: Transmission of Shakti through touch.

Though pujas are powerful initiatory portals, they are also infused with nourishing, sweet, intimate, and tender-hearted energy; flowers, sanctified elixirs, and cleansing waters. They ask you to open and receive the love and support your soul desires and step into a new frequency of being.

Yoni Puja

As Tantra aims to integrate all levels of our being and bring them into harmony, it often works with sexuality, a force that is in much need of deep healing and realignment on Earth. The healing of our sexuality helps us to become whole beings, and once the sexuality is healed and awakened, it can be harnessed to serve as a powerful tool of self- realization.

We are not speaking of the Neo-tantra so prevalent in the world today, as that path is largely focused on building power; this is about authentic surrender to the Heart of Life and a receptivity to its limitless wisdom.

Yoni Puja consists of the same ritual format as Sri Shakti Puja, but focuses on awakening Shakti through the arousal of the senses, which become doorways to the soul when properly awakened. We work directly with the sexual life-force to help connect it to the Mystic Heart, the source of consciousness within.

The Six Mahadevi


Radical Ecstasy ∙ Fierce Love ∙ Transformation

Kali is the Goddess of radical transformation, the shamanic force of healthy destruction, and the blossoming of non-dual wisdom. She encourages us to live freely, wildly blissful, and without inhibition. Kali’s secret is that underlying her fierce appearance is pure sweetness. If we can humble ourselves and surrender our minds, her grace will be our greatest ally.


Beauty ∙ Auspiciousness ∙ Grace ∙ Abundance

Lakshmi embodies all that is sweet, wholesome, and beautiful. She is the limitless abundance of Spirit and the inescapable force of attraction that guides all souls back into the wholeness of their true nature. She urges us to humbly embody our beauty as a sacred reflection of the inner heart.


Divine Mother’s Nurturing ∙ Spiritual Fortitude ∙ Protection

Durga is the shining sun of love that nurtures our innermost depths, empowers us in our spiritual journey, and helps us to break down all that no longer serves us. She is a fierce yet gentle protectress who helps us define ourselves and set an unwavering precedence for the way we interact with the outside world.


Spiritual Surrender ∙ Ecstatic Love ∙  Devotion

Radhika is the sweet everlasting flow of nectar that melts all hearts down to their purest essence. She is the intoxicating madness of Divine love, and the overwhelming fulfillment of union. She teaches us to be tenderhearted, and to recognize the strength in our vulnerability.



Creativity ∙ Wisdom ∙ Expression of Knowledge

Saraswati is the creative spark of life. She is the embodiment of all wisdom and cosmic intelligence. She is the source of all artistic expression. She is the Goddess that opens our channel to receive higher wisdom and helps us move in the world with discernment, sophistication, and class.


The Union of Love and Wisdom  Playfulness  Divine Attraction  Embodied Spirituality

Lalita Devi is the all-attractive force of Divine Love. She is the irresistible sweetness present at the core of existence, and the innocent joy underlying the entire play of life. She is the union of all worldly pleasures into the final liberation and represents fully embodied spirituality.