Tantric Massage Ritual


“From the most subtle to the most sensational, we are here to realize divinity within the whole of life”


What is Tantric Massage?

One definition of Tantra that we resonate with is “to weave,” as through Tantra, we are actively weaving all dimensions of the Self together into a greater whole, and finding balance through uniting the perceived polarities of spirit and body in the heart. 

While we are careful to not perpetuate the confusing stigma much of the modern world has placed around Tantra by overemphasizing its sexual aspect, we do feel that tantric massage is an appropriate term, as massage is inherently body-focused, and within the context of Tantra can serve to integrate our physicality, senses, and sexuality, with our soul. What is often not seen, is that integration into a greater wholeness comes only through an authentic connection to Spirit as well, and is not possible through an exclusive sexual focus. 

A major aspect of Tantra is the quest to realize our body & physical reality, and the transcendent reality as equally Divine. We do feel that in this age it is of paramount importance to fearlessly awaken and integrate the senses and the full spectrum of our sexuality into a greater wholeness, but do so through a holistic lens that promotes balance by giving equal importance to breath, meditation, mantra, and surrender to the infinite.

Our Intentions

Inspired by the yin-yang balance that lives between us, the safety we’ve found to unravel ourselves together, and our mutual appreciation for the Goddess, we wish to support others in experiencing the same balance, safety, freedom, and love.

◈ The New Age Tantra scene focuses greatly on sexuality but often lacks a deeper connection to true spiritual depth, which can breed distortion and much confusion. We have witnessed many well-intentioned women getting into Tantra for healing, spiritual activation, and exploration and instead receiving watered down and manipulated teachings, and subtle or overt trauma. Not only has this inspired us to present a balanced version of Tantra, but also to provide an honest space for the Goddess’ natural inclination to unite spirit and body to be actualized.
In order to set a new vibrational standard in all aspect of one’s life, we re-imprint the subtle and physical body with Divine love, peace, and total presence. We consider each of you incarnations of the Goddess and are here to support you in embodying your own Divine nature.
◈ By simultaneously supporting the most primal energies in the root and the most subtle, transcendent energies in the crown, we create a bridge between spirit & body that is balanced in the heart and provides a direct experience of wholeness. The completion of this spirit-body circuit is essential to the evolution of humanity.
◈ Moving energy on these levels is a delicate, vulnerable, and intimate process that is most expansive in a safe and soulful container, supported by pure intentions, a sensitive spiritual tuning, receptivity, and honest devotion.
◈ In essence, through these empowerments we are channeling the Goddess’ energy and harmonizing elements in the root, so Shakti may come into full blossom.

Yoni Massage Optional
◈ The Yoni is a gateway to the Divine, the sacred inner chamber of the embodied Goddess’ temple, and a powerful link to spiritual awakening. She can directly awaken Kundalini, our spiritual lifeforce.

Yoni massage holds the potential to retune our nervous system, harmonize our sensuality with our hearts, and connect us to our power and wisdom. When given a safe and peaceful space for her intimate energies to flow, she naturally establishes a healthy standard for relating to others.

By becoming in touch with our sexual power, not only do we remember pleasure as an expression of divinity, but we also have the opportunity to channel it into creativity, projects, work, and our spiritual journey, and come into an authentic expression of ourselves.

◈ The Yoni is a key to collective healing.

This sacred portal holds a difficult history of oppression in the collective psyche. The immense potency and beauty held in this space has long been misunderstood and exploited. We now create space for the tender and receptive nature of the feminine to be honored. Collectively, Yoni massage represents reclamation of our body’s sovereignty and power.
Tending to this sacred space connects each woman with her body and internal guidance system, and directly expands the presence of the Divine Feminine on earth.

◈Awakening the spirit through the body, we remember our physicality as sacred.
As the yoni represents the source of life, worshiping and honoring her as such will remind the collective of the sacredness of life, bringing humanity into deeper alignment with Truth.

◈ The Yoni is a direct psychic & physical link to our well-being.

The yoni is a microcosmic representation of the way we live our lives. She is deeply connected to the entire subtle body and can help us to access & heal deep and often unconscious emotional imprints. By clearing the field of past energies, partners, and psychic patterning, yoni massage invites the soul to be embodied — for one’s true essence to be purely manifest.
Through this portal we can access the depths of our primal essence and tune it to the heart. The more connected the Yoni is to the Heart, the more we will link our senses & sexuality with love, wholeness, and divinity, and attract honest love into our lives.

Four-Hand or 1x1?

Because there is a dynamic and unique potency activated when our energies are combined, we offer these massages together.

We are happy to discuss details in our check-in call to ensure a comfortable and resonant container.

If your preference is to work with Nala 1×1, click here.

 Tantric Massage Ritual

Goddess Empowerments weave together guided meditation and breathwork, mantra bath, and massage in a ritual invoking the presence of the Goddess into the heart and every cell of the body.

They serve as initiations into a direct relationship with the Goddess in all of her aspects (see Sri Shakti Tantra), and also serve simply as an opportunity to receive; to be held, nurtured, and supported on the physical and emotional level.

As touch is a direct transmission of the heart, it holds the potential to awaken Kundalini, the spiritual life-force. Classically this blessing is known as Shaktipat, which we offer as a full body experience.

By honoring the body as a temple we honor creation itself as sacred, helping to remind humanity of the spirit living within matter. And through offering worship to the Divine Feminine we help to empower her incarnations and expand her qualities into a world that is in great need.

These massage rituals were inspired by the Six Mahadevi, the Tantric Goddesses that have revealed the Sri Shakti Tantra system of yoga we work with. Each ritual is tuned to the essence of a particular Goddess, who represents an original aspect of consciousness, and follows a format fitted to awaken their energy within you. We also offer open-flow tantric massages as an alternative to this ritual.

Whether healing, transformative, explorative, or activating — everything is allowed to be expressed in these rituals. They can be deep, potent, profound, life-altering, and at the same time fun, light-hearted and playful. See Goddess Massages Section below for the variety we offer.

the six mahadevi


Choosing a Goddess

Commune with the Goddess as a personal guide, as your innermost Self, and as the Absolute. The Goddess can be our intimate companion, a mirror for our evolution, and can show us the way to full awakening.

Read the Goddess descriptions below and choose a Goddess based on:

◈ Who you feel most attracted to intuitively

◈ Whose presence you already resonate with and would like to embody further

◈ Who holds qualities you’d like to cultivate

◈ Who you’re most averse to. Sometimes that which we resist holds the exact medicine we need

◈ A personal ritual such as pulling a card

◈ Meditation and direct inquiry into the wisdom of the heart

We can help clarify if you’re uncertain around who to choose 🙂


Radical Ecstasy – Fierce Love – Transformation

Kali is the Goddess of transformation, the shamanic force of healthy destruction, and the blossoming of non-dual wisdom. She encourages us to live freely, wildly blissful, and without inhibition. Kali teaches us that we simply cannot remember our true nature if we live with any fear or reservation, and challenges us to explore the extremes of life.

Empowerment into Kali Shakti is helpful in facilitating rapid transformation, exploring comfort zones, reconciling taboo, finding and voicing boundaries, and channeling primal sexual intensity as spiritual fuel.

We recommend this massage for those seeking to uncover the inner shaman, amplify the power of meditative focus, and unlock stagnant energy so it can be grounded and channeled elsewhere. Kali Shakti helps us to re-imprint parts of the nervous system that have experienced negative forms of intensity with heartfelt and spiritually charged energy.

Our most edgy massage, recommended for those seeking to explore the limits of their being, as Kali commands we break ourselves down, shake out hardened layers of pain, and move through all confinements to realize our eternal purity. 

Kali’s secret is that underlying her challenging appearance is pure sweetness. If we can humble ourselves and surrender our minds, her grace will be our greatest ally.

◈ Surrender into the mystic void

◈ Awaken your primal essence as an offering to your Highest Self

◈ Find peace amidst the chaos & balance beyond the dualities of pain, pleasure, bliss, and suffering



Divine Mother’s Nurturing – Spiritual Strength and Fortitude – Protection and Safety

Durga is the shining sun of love that nurtures our innermost depths, empowers us in our spiritual journey, and helps us to break down all that no longer serves us. She is a fierce yet gentle protectress who helps us define ourselves and set an unwavering precedence for the way we interact with the outside world. She suffers no fools.

She is a potent ally in bringing our darkness to light with grace, and building spiritual fortitude and confidence. She awakens universal compassion and self-love, and ultimately helps us step into our full power. She activates our motherly qualities towards ourselves and others and represents the immense power of nurturing.

Durga’s touch, though soft and caring, is also firm and stabilizing. It offers the sensation of being held and comforted while we break down and shed our spiritual ego. We invoke protective energies through mantra and help to release deep-seated energies in the root.

◈ Be embraced and supported in the truest expression of your soul

◈ Deepen Self-Love, compassion, and your capacity to nurture

◈ Stand righteously in the strength of your heart


Beauty – Auspiciousness – Grace – Abundance

Lakshmi embodies all that is sweet, wholesome, and beautiful. She is the limitless abundance of Spirit and the inescapable force of attraction that guides all souls back into the wholeness of their true nature. She is the energy of good fortune and the return to innocence.

Lakshmi helps us to deepen our self-worth and feel nourished and deeply cared for, giving us permission to be honored and worshipped as the Goddess. She urges us to humbly embody our beauty as a sacred reflection of the inner heart. As the symbol of all wealth, she opens our eyes to our own inner abundance and guides us to stay true to our hearts as we manifest it externally.

A Lakshmi empowerment is a lavish experience of pampering and tender affection. Her presence melts us into our own tenderness, grace, and purity, and allows us to swim in the simple pleasure of being. Take this ritual as an opportunity to honor the lusciousness and fullness of your sensuality, explore your gentle side, and remind yourself of the importance of receiving love.

◈ Connect to the limitless abundance and radiance of Spirit within

◈ Recognize your own blessedness, sacred beauty, and innocence

◈ Allow yourself to slow down, soften, and receive



Spiritual Surrender – Ecstatic Love – Erotic Devotion

 Radhika is the sweet everlasting flow of nectar that melts all hearts down to their purest essence. She is the intoxicating madness of Divine love, and the overwhelming fulfillment of union. Enjoyer of divine pleasures, mystic romancer, she is the flowerbed princess with such magnetism that the absolute truth is denuded in her presence. Her passion and desire are born of pure love and her love-play is meant to heal and awaken all life.

Radhika is the underlying romantic longing to merge with the Eternal Beloved that fuels our lives. Her presence ignites our meditation with sensual bliss and ecstatic reverie, and naturally directs our rapture as a force of devotion. She knows ecstasy, and she also knows peace. She helps us to discover the immense fulfillment in total surrender to the Divine.

Her presence is youthful and wholesome, yet she is mature in her desires. Her heart gushes tenderness and still she is a fierce and stalwart yogic powerhouse. Radha invites us to engage in a romance with enlightenment, while embracing and honoring the play of life.

She teaches us to be raw and tenderhearted, and to recognize the strength in our vulnerability. She knows that courageously feeling everything with extreme sensitivity opens our hearts even wider to the grace of life. She knows the secret of channeling emotions as a powerful method of spiritual communion.

Radha’s touch can be delicate and graceful as a feather, or fierce and igniting. It relaxes us into the depths of arousal, that we may build the momentum necessary to surrender entirely and experience a truly ecstatic spiritual immersion. Radha knows that the more peace our ecstasy is met with, the more deeply immersed we are in our wholeness.

◈ Sweet Surrender to the Infinite

◈ Divine intoxication and the intensity of devotion

◈ Ecstatic Love


Creativity – Wisdom – Expression of Knowledge

Saraswati is the creative spark of life. She is the embodiment of all wisdom and cosmic intelligence. She is the source of all artistic expression.

Saraswati Shakti connects us to the unlimited spaciousness of pure potential. She encourages us to clear energetic blockages in order to allow for the Divine to flow through us without obstruction, and is the trance-like state we experience when there is no-mind in our creative process.

Saraswati is the energy of speech, communication, and high intellect. She is the Goddess that opens our channel to receive higher wisdom and helps us move in the world with discernment, sophistication, and class.

With this empowerment, we focus more on subtle energy dynamics through Reiki, crystal healing, and energy play, so it is recommended for those looking to refine and connect to subtle energetics of the body and spirit. Her touch is inspirational, serenely sensual, and subtly activating. 

◈ Reveal the inner visionary

◈ Commune with your subtle nature

◈ Unleash your creative potential to channel with Divine absorption


The Union of Love and Wisdom – Playfulness – Divine Attraction – Sensual Delight – Embodied Spirituality

Lalita Devi is the all-attractive force of Divine Love. She is the irresistible sweetness present at the core of existence, and the innocent joy underlying the entire play of life. She is the union of all worldly pleasures into the final liberation and represents fully embodied spirituality.

An overflowing fountain of erotic delight, her allure is balanced perfectly by her humble and unassuming nature, and Her sensuality is refreshingly wholesome and pure. Captivating, enchanting, and intensely endearing, she is the sum total of our every attraction in life. She reminds us that life itself is a romance.

Lalita, also known as Tripura Sundari, is the epitome of queenly Grace. Her gaze is as tantalizing as it is innocent, and powerful as it is tender. She is a friend, a trickster, a lover, and the ultimate companion in life. She plays with us, helps us to drop fear and clinging, and dances us back into our true nature with loving affection. If we are ever taking ourselves or life too seriously, Lalita is there to break us down with hearty laughter and help us integrate the madness of life.

Lalita teaches us how to maintain our purity and gentle uncontrived nature in situations where we must be fierce, clarifying, and uncompromisingly true to ourselves. She knows the power and influence of her sensuality and beauty and is wise with it. Lalita connects us to our simple childlike nature, joy, and laughter. She emanates friendliness, confidence, and relatability.

Lalita’s touch awakens the ecstasy of erotic spirituality into the body. Her presence is refreshing, and as stimulating as it is soothing. She infuses us with a sense of lightheartedness and ease, as well as a profound depth. This empowerment is a well-rounded experience that incorporates all of the other Goddesses’ Shakti with a focus on playfulness and exploration.

Unravel your body and soul into mystic heights of spiritual ecstasy

Awaken the inner Queen, humble yet powerful in her sensuousness

Delight in the play of life

 Open your crown and awaken the spiritual heart


All forms of the Goddess are expressions of a formless mystery beyond creation. This massage follows an open format with emphasis on experiencing the Om vibration and the stillness and silence from which it is born. Rather than invoking names and expressions of the Goddess, we will meditate on the Absolute and commune with the void presence.

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