Tantric Massage

Touching the soul through the body

Tantric massage holds the potential to harmonize our sensuality with our hearts, re-tune our nervous systems, and connect us to the wisdom of our bodies— helping us come into a more authentic expression of ourselves. This sets a new vibrational standard for relationships with ourselves and others, and re-imprints the subtle and physical body with Divine love, peace, and presence.

Tantric massage is deeply restorative and nourishing for the mind, body, and spirit. Think of it as an opportunity to drop into your heart, tune into the rhythms of your body, and get in touch with your innermost essence. This is a time solely for you to receive; to let go of the mind and busyness of life, and connect with the deeper truths that lie within.

Touch, beyond an essential ingredient for our health and wellbeing, is a direct extension of the heart that holds limitless potential to awaken the spirit. It is a language of love that communicates beyond the capacity of words, and is one of our favorite ways to facilitate healing and expansion.

Whether healing, transformative, explorative, or activating, everything is welcome to be expressed in these sessions, which can range from deep, potent, profound, and life-altering, to fun, light-hearted, and playful. We see Tantric Massage as a meditative and spiritual experience, one that invites you to slow down, surrender, and tend to anything underneath the surface that longs to be expressed.

Our Approach

Women hold a natural ability to awaken through the body, but rarely have a safe and soulful container to do so. Moving energy on these levels is an intimate process that is most expansive when supported by pure intentions, total presence, a sensitive spiritual tuning, receptivity, and loving devotion.

The way we approach Tantric Massage is through a deep listening to the guidance of our hearts and the rhythms of your subtle body. With our backgrounds in Esoteric Yoga, body-based healing, and trauma resolution, we understand the full potential of Tantric Massage on a spiritual & physical level, and what’s truly needed to hold such a space.

We honor you as a Goddess, your body as a temple, your senses as a portal to the infinite, and hold a deep reverence for your spiritual unraveling. We consider each of you incarnations of the Goddess and are here to support you in embodying your own Divine nature.

We invite you to relax, receive, and experience the beauty and wisdom that lives within.

The Session

Our orientation towards Tantric Massage is often more energetic than physical in nature, and works to influence the movement of subtle energies. The focus is on creating a space for the body’s wisdom to become active and reveal its needs. You can imagine it as a sensual, soulful conversation with your own body.

We open the session with a ceremonial invocation, followed by guided meditation and breath techniques designed to bring you into a state of relaxed presence. This allows you to build energetic sensitivity, prepares you to receive a vibrational tuning, and helps you to become more deeply aware of the feedback loop between your body, mind, emotions, senses, and spirit. We then move into the Full-Body Energetic Massage with options of Womb Clearing and Yoni Massage.

Throughout the session we like to keep an open line of communication. This is truly a no-pressure container, attuned to you. We invite you to simply receive and follow the cues and rhythms of your heart.

Yoni Massage

Honoring the Source of Life

Tantric Massage includes external and internal yoni massage, but is always optional depending on how you feel in the moment. Yoni, in Sanskrit, refers to the source of life, as well as the entire female reproductive area.

The Yoni is a gateway to the Divine, the sacred inner chamber of the embodied Goddess’ temple, and a powerful link to spiritual awakening. The Yoni also presents a direct psychic link to our physical & emotional well-being.

The Yoni is a key to our collective healing — Yoni massage represents reclamation of one’s sovereignty and power, and directly expands the presence of the Divine Feminine on earth.

Yoni massage is a space for the tender and receptive nature of the feminine to be honored. Tending to this sacred space connects each woman with her body and internal guidance system.

The yoni is a microcosmic representation of the way we live our lives. She is deeply connected to the entire subtle body and can help us to access & heal deep and often unconscious emotional imprints. By clearing the field of past energies, partners, and psychic patterning, yoni massage invites the soul to be embodied.

It can also be deeply healing on a physical level, bringing more life and blood-flow to the entire pelvic region, and giving one space to explore their own body with no pressure to perform.

Through this portal we can access the depths of our primal essence and tune it to the heart. The more connected the Yoni is to the Heart, the more we will link our senses & sexuality with love, wholeness, and divinity.

Format of a Session

Phase One: Intro. We’ll settle in together with some tea and conversation, discuss anything that’s on your heart coming into this experience, share exactly what will happen during the session, and answer any questions you may have. This is a time for us to connect hearts before the session begins.

Phase Two: Tuning in. We’ll open the portal with Essential Oil Anointing, Sound Bath, light guided breathwork and meditation to open the heart and get in tune with our inner rhythms.

Phase Three: Full Body Massage. Once we set the container, we’ll begin the full-body massage where you get to relax, unwind, and fully arrive. The massage will include special focus on releasing energy from the hips and sacrum, clearing tension through abdominal massage, and opening the heart with a delightful breast massage.

Phase Four: Yoni Massage. This portion of the massage is done with your full-bodied consent while listening to your body’s cues. We’ll start with soft touch and pressure-point de-armouring massage to release pelvic floor tension. Then we’ll move gently from external to internal massage, following the flow of energy and bridging the gap between pleasure & tension through breath and awareness of sensation.

Phase Five: Grounding and Integration. After the massage, we’ll close the portal with time for integration and reflection on your experience. Following the session we encourage you to take it easy.


How do I prepare? Please bring a sarong to wear before the massage. Prepare with meditation, self-care, and a shower beforehand. All the details will be sent to you upon confirmation, including an intake form.

What is the range of experiences I can expect? We never know what will arise during a session, and that’s the magic of Tantric Massage. On the way to reclaiming your innate bliss, there’s a variety of energies that women may experience, sometimes all in one session. Some women have a deeply relaxing meditative journey of tranquil insight and reflection. Some women experience pleasure, ecstasy, pain, grief, numbness, energy release, tears, orgasm, and everything in between. It’s all welcome and we’re here to embrace all parts of you as you come into wholeness.

What if I’m super nervous?  This is a totally normal feeling when going into a transformational experience. Most women are surprised at how completely natural the massage feels — our yonis are typically labeled as ‘separate’ from the rest of our bodies, so this is an opportunity to honor our whole selves. Remember: we will connect before the massage begins, everything will be communicated beforehand, and above all we are here for your comfort, healing, and expansion.

Do I need to do internal yoni massage?  This portion of the massage is always optional and based on your feeling in the moment. There are so many benefits to internal massage and women tend to feel deeply touched by the experience. Whether it be a new awareness of your body, connecting with a deeper part of yourself that is rarely experienced with such presence, or releasing what is so often held in the womb, yoni massage offers you an opportunity to really get in tune with yourself.

What if I get my period?  It’s best to wait a few days after your active cycle to receive a session. Do your best to book around it, but if it coincides, contact us asap to reschedule.

How long is the session?  3 hours on average.

What do women typically get out of this experience?  Some women come away rejuvenated and realigned with their life & purpose. Others have revelations around the standard of their relationship to friends, family, and lovers in their lives. Women can restore their power, release old stories, and allow new energy and possibility to flow. For some it’s about exploring sexuality and getting to know a totally unfamiliar part of themselves, for others it’s about receiving without the pressure to do anything other than simply feel. Ultimately Tantric Massage is about realigning yourself and becoming fully present with the pleasure of life.